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Why buy another cookbook?
Sane and Savory Cookbook makes healthy ingredients taste delicious and an exciting culinary experience. This book combines nutritious organic ingredients and recipes from international, as well as American fare. You get to eat sugar free treats made with Stevia. You also get to eat great egg and meat dishes along with fish, salads, and many vegetable dishes that vegetarians can enjoy.  There are even a few recipes for the gluten free and dairy free eaters.

This cookbook has been around the block a year or two. It was originally written more than 30 years ago.  The well-respected Metabolic Nutritionist, Dr. Richard P. Huemer, gave the book its seal of approval at that time.  Since then, some things have changed in nutrition: more organic ingredients are available because more organic farmers exist, and we have learned more about fats that are healthy for us to eat.  We have also learned about: acid/alkaline balance of foods in our bodies, antioxidants, the importance of greens, glycemic load, nutrients for good gut bacteria, ingredients that help with inflammation … and more.  In any case, the author added more than 60 new recipes to incorporate much of what we have learned that is sound nutrition in 2015.  In this book the author has updated her recipes from years ago to include present day knowledge and ingredients.

In total there are over 200 recipes, so you have plenty of choices. Since there is no perfect diet because each of us is different with different food needs biologically, this book offers many options.

 Sane and Savory is also adventurous because you will find recipes with organ meats and venison, as well as mackerel, which is NOT just for cats! The rest of the world including Scandinavian countries and Asian countries eat it.  You will have an opportunity to be adventuresome with food.

In an Appendix there is a list of where we use and need vitamins in our bodies and which food to eat to get those vitamins.  Also in the Appendix, the author suggests websites where you can find crucial nutritional knowledge.  The author has also included the titles of the book sources she has used to write and update Sane and Savory Cookbook.

May your healthy adventure in cooking and eating continue (or begin) with Sane and Savory Cookbook!


“This book fulfills a heretofore unmet need —putting zest into good nutrition. So many nutritionists make nutrition into such a serious business; be sure to get the fiber and the amino-acid balance and the lesser known trace minerals, and never mind how it tastes. “We must eat to live, not live to eat,” they say, as if the two were mutually exclusive. This book puts the fun back into good nutrition.”

–  Dr. Richard P. Huemer,  MD,  Metabolic Nutrition

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