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Sane and Savory Cookbook has been published on for your Kindle or other mobile devices! Go to Amazon and type in Sane and Savory CookbookTake a look at a sample of the recipes you will find inside my book.

Get your taste buds ready for 239 healthy, delicious recipes. Meat eaters will find delicious, inventive recipes and  so will vegetarians. In the Index, you are able to tap on the name of each recipe, and it will appear instantly on your mobile device. There is also a section for vegetarian recipes and you can tap each one of those, and again, the recipe will appear before your eyes. There are also links to the sections of the book you may wish to navigate to in the Table of Contents, for example: Poultry, Fish, Sauces, Soups, so you can peruse through the book as you plan your meals for the week.

Another benefit to this new cookbook is in each recipe I also included the sauces I mentioned in the recipe, or often even the side dishes I recommend in the recipe. You don’t have to search all over the book for what you need to make a great meal. It is there at your finger tips and a tap away.

Sugar is almost nowhere to be found in Sane and Savory Cookbook. In two recipes I used chocolate that had some sugar in it, and in a cookie recipe, I used some molasses. Otherwise, I use Stevia to sweeten everything wherever sugar was called for. The Stevia I recommend is one particular brand, which is sweeter and better quality than so many other kinds of Stevia. That is SweetLeaf Stevia.

For people who are gluten and dairy intolerant, in many recipes, I suggest alternatives.  When I tested them in the recipes, I found these alternatives worked well and tasted great. I eat less gluten in the food I eat almost every day for my own health and have restricted dairy some, as well.

Since so many recipes are from all over the world, you can try recipes from Thailand, one night,  from France, another,  from Switzerland, a third night, from Hungary, a fourth night and recipes such as, Mississippi Gumbo from the USA on a fifth night. This cookbook will add some simple fun, and tasty pleasure and adventure to your eating.

Sane and Savory Cookbook is an all around cookbook with breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. It has healthy and tasty appetizers and soups as well as everything in between with numerous vegetable and salad recipes and sugar free dessert recipes. It is an excellent source of recipes for you to plan your next Sunday brunch or party.

In the Appendices,  the reader will find a long list of websites that he or she can go to to further peruse, for example: why I suggest two different cooking methods, or why turmeric is a healthy spice.

I am very excited and thrilled to be releasing Sane and Savory Cookbook at this time. It has been a long time coming (over 30 years), so I hope you enjoy eating the delectable meals you create from these recipes with your family and friends, or making them for  yourself.

If you wish to ask me questions or make comments about this cookbook, please feel free to contact me at my website: or